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Our Suppliers

Our supply chain represents a critical component of the success of our business as we have wonderful suppliers. Of course, much of the amazing food that we bring in come from suppliers dedicated to producing only high quality products. Some of our suppliers have been with us from the beginning, some 39 years ago. We owe a certain debt to these suppliers for helping us serve our customers all these years.


Our international suppliers come from Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and China. Some suppliers pack our house brand but we also buy from forwarders who amalgamate products from each country or for a particular grocery department for us. One of our most successful import programs is in fresh produce. Every season, we import many containers of fresh fruit and vegetables, such as mangoes from Mexico, mints from Hawaii, Persimmons from California.


We deal with some of the best local farmers in Metro-Vancouver and buy locally whenever possible. Local produce is delivered to Hen Long daily during the summer season. Many of our competitors often compliment us for the freshness of our produce. Our success in this area is no secret: our growers are committed to using good agricultural practices and growing the best local produce for our customers. We are always looking for high quality products. If you would like to sell your products to our company. Please submit to us information about your company and products. Click on “Download Print Registration” to send us your products and services information.

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